Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do we really need a breadmaker?

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I am debating on buying a breadmaker. Is it really a need or it is just convenient to have one?

I thought I wanted one so I could make homemade bread w/o the extra addititives that are in store bought breads. For the first three months, I experimented with as many types and mixtures I could find .... Then, I began to notice that I needed my counter space back ( since I have very little anyway) and I put the machine in the cabinet. Which was the end of my bread making on a consistent basis. I would find myself thinking about making bread, but didn't have the ingredients I needed... so I would put it off for another few weeks, I got busy with my job, and even taking the little time it takes to put the ingredients in the mixing bin seemed time consuming. But I also do not cook much anymore.. If you enjoy cooking/baking as a way to relax, enjoy sharing food you've made with friends or just baking/cooking for enjoyment, you would probably get a lot of enjoyment from having a machine. The bread from a maching tastes just like bread made the long, old fashioned way. Do you have a friend that would let you borrow their machine? That way, you could try it out before you spend the roughly hundred dollars or so that they cost and decide if you like it well enough to purchase. Maybe I could send you mine??!! If you do decide to purchase, do your homework first... check Amazon and read the reviews, as well as this site http://www.consumersearch.com/www/kitchen/bread-machines/index.html If you have a kitchen store in your town, talk to the workers there and describe what you want to do, they will be extremely helpful in providing you with information as to which model is best for you1 good luck!

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